Looking slick, Mick

It couldn’t last. It was great having the oldies lead the first day’s play, but sooner or later they were going to tire, letting the relative young ‘uns through for a chance at the famous green jacket. Although having said that you’d struggle to call eventual winner Phil Mickelson young as such, even if at 39 he’s a good eleven years younger than Fred Couples, who finished the first day on top of the leaderboard.

The victory, his third at Augusta, comes after a difficult year for him and his family; both his mother and wife Amy have contracted breast cancer, and he wasn’t sure if she would make it out to the final green. She did, despite the medication sapping her energy.

‘To come out the other end and feel the jubilation is incredible,’ said Mickelson. ‘To walk off the green and see her was very emotional for us. It's been a difficult year, and to come out on top in this tournament is very emotional.’

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