Looking for Champions League cup final tickets 2011?

Two of the world's most famous clubs face each other in the Champions League final in Wembley on 28 May 2011. Despite their domestic success, Barcelona and Manchester United have only won three European titles apiece. Most clubs would consider this to be a wealth of success and silverware, but these two powerhouses want to be in the upper echelons of European clubs with the likes of AC Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Barcelona did not win their first European title until 1992, under the guidance of Dutch legend Johann Cryuff at the same venue as this years final - Wembley. They followed this up with victories in 2006 and 2009. Manchester United coincidentally also won their first European Cup at Wembley in 1968 but had to wait until 1999 to get their hands on the famous trophy again. They followed this up with victory over Chelsea following a dramatic penalty shoot-out in Moscow in 2008.

Barcelona's manager Pep Guardiola and Manchester United's top man Sir Alex Ferguson will both want to be one to get their hands on the trophy this year.

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Good luck finding your Champions League cup final tickets 2011.

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