Look who's turned up to the party

Scandals provide all manner of opportunities for the eagle-eyed and cynical - one man's misery is another's pot of gold. Just ask Max Clifford... So the cousins of Wayne Rooney, never known for their discretion and subtlety, have gone for the limelight in a big way. First wearing 'Team Coleen' T-Shirts (we're sure she's touched by the sentiment), they have now taken it upon themsleves to harrass Jen Thompson, one of the vice girls at the centre of the scandal, who decided to set up a Twitter account. Way to get millions of hateful messages, pal.

According to The Mirror, the story unfolded when the terrible two discovered Miss Thompson on twitter. Natalie Rooney set to it, tweeting, 'Some people really are sad and have no life!! Why on earth would you even bother making an account for @MissJenThompson she's just a slut!!', then calling her 'the slag who Wayne went with' and a 'homewrecking skanky slut.' Do us a favour Natalie, and at least keep a thesaurus to hand next time.

Her brother Stephen then weighed in with the charming,'did you charge Wayne more coz he's ugly? Like would you only charge Beckham £500 or something?''Jennifer' then replied saying, 'look im sorry for whats happening but having a slanging match on Twitter isnt going to solve anything'

We get the sinking feeling this isn't the last we'll hear from the gruesome pair...

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