Learn all about being a London Olympics volunteer

With London 2012 just around the corner and the vast majority of tickets already allocated, you may be wondering how you can be part of the forthcoming spectacle. Read on to find out all about the London Olympics volunteer program.


After receiving over 240,000 applications, the London Olympic committee closed the application process at the end of October 2010. However, an incredible 70,000 Games Makers (volunteers) are required to help the event run smoothly and people are still being invited to attend the next Selection Day in February 2012. Therefore, if you did manage to apply in time you could still be in with a chance of making the cut.

What will a Games Maker do?

Games Makers are an integral part of the Olympics and shall be asked to carry out a wide variety of tasks. These tasks will generally be performed behind the scenes and involve anti-social hours. It is important to remember that volunteering is not just about starting a race or presenting medals. The applicants lucky to be selected will be placed into two main categories:

Specialist Volunteer – Those with the ability to bring prior qualifications to the games, such as medical assistance and interpretation.

General Volunteer – People asked to perform non-specific roles, such as transport and spectator assistance.

Other volunteer opportunities

Although the London Olympics Games Maker volunteer applications are now closed, there is still a chance to get involved. The committee is currently in search of UK Ambassadors that will be asked to meet and greet visitors at various locations across the UK.

For more information on volunteer programs in your area visit www.london2012.com.

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