The less well known London Olympics sports


Men have been fighting each other with swords for thousands of years, but fencing only took off as a sport in the 19th century. Fencing is an engaging encounter between two combatants who rely on their wits and technique to best their opposite number by hitting them with the tip of their weapon. Individual Fencing bouts last for three rounds of three minutes each, or until one fencer has hit their opponent 15 times.Balance and co-ordination are essential components for anyone wishing to fence with finesse and flair and compete in one the most unusual London Olympics sports. Interestingly enough, following the 1924 Games in Paris, the Italian and Hungarian fencing teams settled a scoring controversy like real men - with a real-life duel.


It’s fast, furious and frantic, and BMX cycling will be appearing only for the second time at the games, when it makes its appearance at the London 2012 Olympic Sports. BMX bikes have only one gear and one brake, but what the riders do with their machines is simply breathtaking. The BMX competition at London 2012 will be held at a specially constructed track next to the Velodrome in the Olympic Park. Due to the sport’s growing popularity the track will have a capacity for six thousand spectators. BMX cycling will be the newest discipline at the London Olympics Sports.


Over 60 million people in 190 countries participate in Taekwondo. In English, the name of the popular martial arts means ‘the way of foot and fist’. Taekwondo will definitely be one of the London Olympic Sports which guarantees high drama, edge of the seat tension and an abundance of action. The name of the game is punching and kicking and there will be plenty of both at London 2012.

Synchronised Swimming

Although it began life as a sport for men in the 1800s, synchronised swimming will be only one of two London Olympic Sports to to be contested solely by women. For those interested, the other is rhythmic gymnastics. Growing out of the ornamental water ballets of the late 19th century, synchronised swimming is all about controlled breathing, insane flexibility, and above all else, grace under pressure!

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