London's Olympics history

London 1908

The first Games in London's Olympics history, and the first to be held in Britain, were based at the White City Stadium. London remains the only British city to ever have hosted the Games. Only 22 nations competed in the 1908 Games,whose most famous character was Italian marathon runner Dorando Pietri. Close to the finish, he displayed signs of exhaustion, and was helped over the finishing line. Pietri had finished first, but was later disqualified because of receiving outside assistance.

London 1948

The second Games in London's Olympics history made use of the existing Wembley Stadium as it's major venue. There had been a period of twelve years when no Olympic Games had taken place - because of World War Two. The 1948 Games were known as the Austerity Games, because of the resulting tough times brought about by the War. Female Dutch athlete Fanny Blankers-Koen became the star of the 1948 Games. She won four gold medals and was later given the accolade of Female Athlete of the Century. American Bob Mathias won the gold medal for the decathlon, when he was just 17 years of age - still the youngest male athlete to win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics.

London 2012

The London 2012 Games will be the 30th modern Olympic Games, and a new 80,000 seater stadium has been built for the Games in East London. An estimated 8 million tickets will be sold for the event. The 2012 Games will not just be hosting events in London, but as far afield as Dorset, which is over 100 miles south west of the capital.

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