Tips for finding London Olympics accommodation

If you’ve decided to attend different events at the London Olympics 2012, you should be interested in getting good accommodation during those exciting days. As people from all over the world will flock to the UK’s capital next summer, you should take care of booking your accommodation in advance in order to make sure you find exactly what you need. From rental homes to hotel rooms, here are some ideas for getting great London Olympics accommodation.

A website specialised in accommodation for the London Olympics is rentatthegames.com. Here you will find a variety of homes, condos and townhouses for your stay in London during the games. This is a good alternative to hotel stays, especially if you intend to be in London for the entire period of the Olympics. On this website, you can browse different types of accommodation and filter your search after location, price and facilities.

Another website you can check out for London Olympics accommodation is rent2012.com. Here you will find a good selection of flat rentals, many of them located in the immediate vicinity of the Olympic Stadium.

Accommodation for the Games (accommodationforthegames.com) is another website that lists properties available for rent during the London Olympics. You can also browse a selection of hotels on this website, as well as airport transfers, theatre tickets and get suggestions for the best places to eat in London. The website does not only offer accommodation for the Olympics Games just in London, but in all cities where events take place.

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