5 British gold medal athletics hopes for the London Olympics

Say what you like about the Olympic ideal, the lasting memories tend to be about the gold medals. We selected 5 athletes who will hope to make the London Olympics unforgettable.

  1. Jessica Ennis is a dominant force in the heptahlon, but it's a multi-discipline event where every aspect has to be close to perfect to secure gold. Her javelin let her down at the 2011 world championships. Maybe that will be the wake up call to spur her to gold in London.
  2. Phillips Idowu is no stranger to the relative disappointment of a silver medal. He picked one up in Beijing and at the 2011 world championships. His competition experience is considerable though, and his consistency has improved markedly. He thinks 2012 will be a golden year.
  3. Dai Greene has emerged as a startlingly competitive hurdler who loves the big competitions. The new world champion knows he has what it takes to beat the world's best, and will relish the chance of emulating David Hemery and winning an Olympic gold.
  4. Mo Farah showed his brilliant strength of character by winning the 5000 metres gold at the world championships after the disappointment of losing the 10,000 metres in the final straight. He's a lone Briton taking on the Kenyans over their favourite distances, but for once he will have home advantage in London.
  5. A triumphant return for Paula Radcliffe would be a miracle, but nobody will write her off just yet. Her implacable competitive spirit, and her knowledge of the London marathon track could yet see a final bid for gold at the London Olympics. After all she is still the world record holder.

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