Faster, higher, steeper? Those London Olympics 2012 ticket prices examined

The ticket lottery is over. The seats for the big events have been claimed, at least those that were left after sponsors, bigwigs, friends of IOC officials and various flunkeys claimed their allocation. We examined the London Olympics 2012 ticket prices from the Olympic website at london2012.com.

  1. The men's 100 metres final, which may feature Usain Bolt deigning to break the world record, was on offer at prices ranging from £50 to £725. Let's assume that you paid the top price just to watch that final. If Usain runs his best, you will have paid £75.50 per second of sprint action. Well, at least you can tell the grand-kids you were there.
  2. The cycling finals in that beautiful velodrome cost from £50 to £325. That doesn't seem outlandishly steep given the quality of the competition, and the excitement of the sport.
  3. We're less convinced by the notion of paying between £50 and £450 for the diving finals. Even if Tom Daley wins gold for Britain, to the untrained eye this amounts to a procession of people falling into a swimming pool.
  4. Lovers of baffling choreography might have had to dig deep for the opening ceremony. Tickets were priced between £20.12 and £2012. The first price is cute, the second is ludicrous.
  5. If the London Olympics 2012 ticket prices put you off applying, well the best things in life are free. At least the road racing cyclists and the marathon runners are. They will perform their arduous pursuits to the heartfelt appreciation of the tens of thousands of spectators who will line the London streets to cheer them on. Otherwise there is always the TV coverage (bbc.co.uk).


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