Get your London 2012 Olympic merchandise!

With the 2012 Olympics only round the corner, everyone is starting to go Olympic crazy! Shop.london2012.com is a great website to use to find all the London Olympic merchandise you could possibly want. Here is an idea of some of the things you can find there...

Monopoly have released yet another version of their classic boardgame for the Olympics. Earle’s Court replaces Old Kent Road, while Mayfair is replaced by the Olympic Stadium. You can pick up the Olympic games edition of Monopoly for £35 on shop.london2010.com.

Looking for a collectable item? They have a set of stainless steel playing cards available for £2,000. These cards are stunningly designed and it's clear that a lot of work went into their making. £2,000 may seem over the top for a deck of cards, but there are only ever going to be 250 of these decks made, so it represents a possible investment.

There are also many jewellery items available. They have 18ct gold or rose gold disc charms that look like little medals, which are priced at £250.

There are plenty of Team GB clothes you can buy to show your support of the athletes. T-shirts are around £30 and hoodies around £60.

You can even kit out your house in preparation for the events. Union flag or London 2012 bed linen is a nice touch. For the kitchen, you can get London 2012 tea towels for around £6, aprons for £15 and oven gloves for £12.

And you can celebrate when Great Britain and Northern Ireland win a medal with a pair of handmade crystal champagne flutes with the union flag etched into the glass (£55).


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