London 2012 tickets on sale

Tickets for London 2012 have finally gone on sale this morning, giving you crazy athletics fans the chance to get your hands on the tickets a full 500 days before the events begin.

If you want to buy one (or more) you need to get yourself on down to the London 2012 website over the next six weeks. Prices start at a bargainous £20 and finish at an eye-watering £2,012. The organisers say that all applications will be treated equally, while any over-subscribed event will be decided on by ballot. So get stuck in everyone, as Lord Coe, the chairman of London 2012, wants it to be a sell-out. You wouldn’t want to let him down, would you?

‘If you look at the way we have put the price points together I think we've done that in a really smart way,’ he said. ‘I think those prices are affordable. Yes, the big ticket events are always going to be the big ticket events, but there are plenty of opportunities to see the big stars at the lower price points.’

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