London 2012 running smoothly

With under a year to go before the Olympics crash down in London, Brits are already getting their complaining on, asking where their tickets are, and wondering whether it'll even all be ready in time. You know what British construction companies are like, eh?

Anyway, there is some good news for the games, as International Olympic Committee chief Jacques Rogge has said that London's preparations seem to be on a par with with Sydney in 2000 and Beijing in 2008. This is good news because those games ran as smooth as silk, so with any luck so will London's. Hooray!

'You can't compare cities,' Rogge told the BBC. 'Regarding operation readiness, I'd put it on par with Sydney and Beijing.

'First of all, I tell them - 'no complacency'. But Sebastian Coe is a competitor, so he will never allow for any complacency. It's all about the delivery of the Games, not just about the preparations.

'I have no worries. I just have a clockwatch and that says to me 27th of July, eight o'clock in the evening, next year, you have to be ready.'

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