London 2012 events schedule released

Excitement surrounding next year’s Olympics in London is sure to go sky high after the release of the event schedule, giving every athletics (and other minority sports) geeks the chance to trawl through the 600 sessions of competition. Should you wish to do the same thing, the link is right here.

Obviously with this announcement the great and the good of British sport wanted to express their unbounded enthusiasm for the ‘greatest show on earth’, and Sebastian Coe, the London 2012 chairman and double Olympic champion was out their leading the charge.

‘This is a really big moment, a huge moment,’ he said (it’s just a schedule release, Seb – don’t get so fired up). ‘In my own experience as a competitor this is the point that it suddenly becomes very real. I remember this point in the build-up to Los Angeles, and suddenly realising I was going to be running seven races in nine days.

‘We are now getting to the business end of the project and we know from the number of people who have signed up for ticket information that there is a real hunger from all parts of the country to be there.’

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