The Premier League is set to get another bundle of huge money landing in its collective pocket, with a new worldwide TV right deals that is allegedly worth £1billion. That's a full £400million more than the current deal, which stands at £645million.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore (he of the daft game 39 plan) is reportedly still in negotiations with the relevant parties in Russia and China, two huge markets for English football, but he is apparently very confident that the country’s biggest clubs will once again get a bigger wad of cash for their involvement in the game’s top flight. Where this leaves the clubs underneath the promised land of the Premier League is anyone’s guess: pot less, probably.

The new deal would give each member club £50million for a three-year period, dished out to them in staggered instalments. This money will be dumped on top of the £1.8billion pile that the league has already negotiated for itself with Sky, the BBC and ESPN, all of which makes it the richest league in the world. It’s tough at the top.

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