A Guide to Livescorehunter's Tennis Coverage

Livescorehunter's tennis section is a regularly updated and extremely well informed coverage of all the latest professional tennis tournaments across the world.

On the Livescorehunter's Tennis homepage, at Livescorehunter.com/Livescores/Livescore-Tennis.html, one can see a list of the week's tennis tournaments in chronological order. Clicking on each tournament's name produces a drop down menu which includes the following list:

  • LiveScores
  • Live Streaming
  • Results
  • Singles Draw
  • Doubles Draw
  • Order of Play
  • Official Website

All of these items link to external websites, and none of Livescorehunter's tennis coverage is actually based on its own site. That point should not lead one to denigrate the site, however: its collated format of information is very clear to access and understand, much clearer than on the other websites to which it links.

"LiveScores" items link to a website called Protennislive.com, a live scoring website with the official support of the ATP and WTA. It is a very reliable and consistently fast source of information for tennis scores.

"Live Streaming" links generally connect to a website called lshunter.tv, which searches the net for valid online streaming videos of tennis matches from the tournament in question, which may be free to watch or may require registration depending on the provider.

The other links connect to some combination of the official ATP or WTA sites (atpworldtour.com and wtatennis.com) and the homepage of the tournament itself in order to provide accurate and detailed stats about results, fixtures and schedules. This feature is once again very well organised and easy to navigate.

Livescorehunter's tennis section is joined by the coverage of most other major sports, including football, hockey, basketball, baseball and many more. The coverage of these other sports is equally eclectic, reliable, and outsourced.

The site also includes a lively chatroom, which, being populated by avid tennis and sports fans, can be useful and enjoyable for anybody looking to follow live tennis attentively.

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