Liverpool valued at £1billion

American gazillionaire and Liverpool FC co-owner Tom Hicks is off, apparently. He wants to unload his shares in the Scouse powerhouse. And he’s touting Liverpool around at a cool £1billion. Eh?

We think we know what’s going on here. Perhaps poor old Tom bought Liverpool thinking it was the city he was buying, not just the football club. (A bit like the famous Yank who bought London Bridge and had it shipped, brick-by-brick, to the Texan desert, only to realise he’d bought the wrong bridge. It was actually Tower Bridge he wanted (Stifle that urge to shout Yeeeehaaaaww!))

So, when Tom realised he hadn’t picked up the UK’s fifth largest city for a song (Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey, presumably) and had only got an out-of-date stadium and under-achieving football team, he was pretty cross. And that’s why he’s selling up.

Here’s the twist, though. The sneaky old dog has valued ‘Liverpool’ at £1billion, in the hope that some other rich fella might make the same mistake…

Step forward Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid – Dubai-based quadropillion-gazillionaire – who looks like he might bite.

Football, eh? It’s a funny old game.

(Image: from Avinash Meetoo’s flickr stream)

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