Liverpool top table after beating Manchester United

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Liverpool beat Manchester United 1-0 in the Premier League to pile pressure on new United manager David Moyes. If there is one thing United fans are slow to forgive, it's losing to their deadly rivals.

Daniel Sturridge's fine finish in the fourth minute settled the match, with Unitec labouring to break down a resilient Liverpool defence well-marshalled by Martin Skrtel. United looked short of creative inspiration.

The focus is on Moyes managing to make some high-profile signings in the last day of the transfer window, although the United manager would not mention any names and suggested his squad was already strong enough. "After that performance I wouldn't be worried, "Moyes said. "I thought they played really well. They dominated the game for long periods without us maybe having the final bit, the final pass, cross at different times."

That final pass or cross being the point. United need a touch more unpredictability in their make-up. Liverpool continued their quietly efficient start to the season, winning their third successive game by 1-0 and remaining the only Premier League club with a 100 percent record.

Manager Brendan Rodgers, who seems to have made to improvements to himself as well as his squad over the summer, judging by his gleaming white teeth and trim waistline, wasn't getting ahead of himself. "We won't be getting carried away," he said. "We have got to continue to improve. Initially we want to try and get into the top four and be in that conversation as long as we can."

Rodgers has several new signings to assimilate into his squad, as well as the possible return of Luis Suarez to look forward to. "Our winning mentality is becoming stronger," he said. "You could see the reaction through the team was very good and that's what we are going to need."

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