Liverpool - so close to a dream start

So the premiership has started and there have already been a few surprises. This includes Anfield, where the atmosphere in the stadium was as electric and cheerful as ever; the result not.

A few new faces appeared in both starting 11s, with Joe Cole and Jovanovic for the reds, Laurent Koscielny and Marouane Chamakh for Arsenal. While the first half provided a great opportunity to see them in action, (both teams played good football) neither created clear cut chances.

In fact, Joe Cole didn't even finish the first half after being shown the red card for an hard tackle on Koscielny, who doctors initially feared had broken his ankle. But the Frenchman came back in the second half, and both Wenger and Rodgson chose not to blame Cole's challenge.

The second half started with a twist. A 10 man Liverpool side scored a cracking goal after only 2 minutes. Having just recovered the ball, a succession of short passes allowed David N'Gog to have a pop at Almunia's goal. And he did, brilliantly, smashing the ball in the top right corner.

The goal had an important impact on the rest of the game: Arsenal pushed forward while Liverpool sat back in defence, launching counter attacks. As the game drew to a close, it seemed that the three points were heading Liverpool's way. That was until, Pepe Reina, (who had played excellently all match), made a mess of Rosicky's last minute cross and scored an own goal! Newcomer Marouane Chamakh touched the ball, which bounced off the post only to be scooped up by the Spanish keeper into his own net.

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