Liverpool sign Andy Carroll for £35million

The other big news from the closing day of the transfer was Liverpool’s apparent desperation to get their hands on Newcastle striker Andy Carroll, shelling out a British record transfer fee of £35million for the young Geordie.

Carroll will join Luis Suarez in a brand new frontline for the Reds, one that looks to riff on an old theme of traditional target man and nippy creative player in the hole. However both of these transfers have been overshadowed by Fernando Torres’ exit and the fact that the Red’s have managed to spend more than what they received for the Spaniard, with the majority of it spent on a forward largely unproven at the top level.

‘I'm staggered just like the rest of Newcastle fans,’ said BBC pundit Alan Shearer. ‘It's an incredible amount of money, you have to say that, for a guy who's scored - what is it? - 14 goals and had half a season in the Premier League, albeit having done very well and the potential is there.

‘It's all right selling your best player, but not getting anyone in to replace him is staggering. People are saying that Liverpool have sold Torres, but they have got two guys in for over £50m to replace him. I just hope Newcastle invest some of the £35m in new players at the end of the season.

‘He is a huge loss, he has carried Newcastle at times this season. There are not many players like him.’

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