Liverpool sale thrown into doubt

The sale of Liverpool FC has been thrown into more doubt after it was revealed that the prospective new owners would turn their back on the club if it was put into administration.

The Reds face the prospect of their club being put into administration by The Royal Bank of Scotland, which would also cost them nine points in the league, if they do not refinance a loan worth £237million by Friday, and New England Sports Ventures have, according to Guardian, said that they would walk away if it happens.

The problems centres around the high court case, in which club chairman Martin Broughton will try to force the sale of the club. Even if current co-owner Tom Hicks loses, he can (and most likely will) appeal, which will extend the fight for the club past Friday and mean that RBS will have to make a decision to put the club in administration. Liverpool’s managing director Christian Purslow has appealed to the Americans to let the sale go through.

‘Right now, they do have an opportunity … to allow a sale to complete and that would clear the club of all the acquisition debt and give us a massive lift before the Everton game,’ he said. ‘That's in their gift and (it) would enable them to leave with some peace rather than precipitating a messy dispute. I hope they'll think about that.’

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