Liverpool ref had shocker

Well done, Liverpool. Winning two-nil against a team as good as Internazionale is a magnificent achievement. They came to Anfield on a five-game winning streak.

That the game passed off without any major flare-ups, though, is a miracle.

The ref had a stinker.

Materazzi should not have been booked once let alone twice and sent off. Patrick Vieira gave away a blatant penalty and then put a two-footed, dangerous challenge in on Aurelio. He was lucky to stay on the park.

No one wants the ref’s job in any game, let alone a seething cauldron of drama like Anfield on a European night. As ref, you’re on a hiding to nothing whatever you do. But this guy was poor – and he knew it too. Having sent off Materazzi, it seems he tried to make up for his harsh decision by not giving Liverpool any other key decisions.

Bring on the second leg in Italy…

(Image: from YouTube)

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