Liverpool owners Gillett and Hicks in dispute

Liverpool co-owner George Gillett has said that his relationship with his business partner Tom Hicks has been "unworkable for some time". It seems that Statler and Waldorf have had a falling out over the future of the Mersey Red Soccerball Warriors.

During an an interview with Canadian radio station Fan590, Gillett said that Liverpool fans have told him not to sell his 50% stake in the club to Hicks. "The thing that angers fans the most is the prospect I might sell even one share of my stock to my partner. They do not want him to have any controlling interest in this club - they do not even want him to have any ownership in the club. As a result of that - and it's been very difficult for my wife with the amount that I travel - we receive many phone calls in the middle of the night threatening our lives - death threats."

If it's not already scary enough getting threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, the thought of an American having to decipher a Scouse accent at three in the morning brings a tear to Sportscene's third eye.

Gillett concluded the interview by saying, "There are things going on - there are pieces on the chess board moving but it would not be helpful for us to comment. What I know is that the fans and the great fabled history of this club deserves better - and we are going to do whatever we can to prove that in whatever role we play."

By far the most interesting part of the interview is Gillett's assessment of the Mersey Red Soccerball Warriors's 3-0 smack down by the Manchester Red Storm in the Prem-year-ship's Northern Conference last weekend: "We played them 11 on ten... we had Mascherano thrown off for, what's unclear as to what happened but clearly they sent in a referee with a no tolerance program and we happened to apparently make the wrong comment to the new tough refereee at the wrong time".

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