Liverpool – ha, ha!

Gillett and Hicks are not your ordinary football club owners. Usually, to own a major Premier League club, you need to be a past master at diplomacy. You need to be able to hide what you’re feeling and camouflage what you’re scheming – so no one working for you is any the wiser.

However, the two Yee-haws at the helm of Liverpool don’t follow that convention. Tom Hicks, in fact, is quite the opposite. He basically tells it how it is. He told the Liverpool Echo recently that he’d tried to line up Jurgen Klinsmann as an insurance policy, if Benitez went to Real Madrid. Forgetting, of course, that it was speculation about Klinsmann that led to the rumours about Benitez wanting to move in the first place. You follow? A touch of you-said-he-said-you-said, wethinks.

Laughable, really. Benitez, with all his faults, is the best manager that the club has had for decades. And he’s put together a decent squad. Why do the two money men insist on trying to get rid of him?

It’s no one else’s fault but the players’ that, as a squad, they can’t win three on the bounce, is it?

(Image: from YouTube)

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