Liverpool march on

Amid bizarre revelations that Liverpool’s owner Tom Hicks sent personal emails explaining the shenanigans that have unsteadied the club in the last few months, Rafa Benitez and his in-form team dispatched the Serie A champions last night.

And it was Torres (again – that’s 26 so far this season) who clinically put away the killer away goal.

But what about these emails? Are they real? It beggars belief that Hicks would send personal emails to fans explaining the embarrassing goings-on between him, Gillett and the boys from Dubai. Doesn’t it? Is this a prank?

If it is, fair play to the prankster. Shame it’s taken the shine off the win last night…

Well done, Rafa and the lads. Any news on Alonso’s sprog yet?

(Image: from YouTube)

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