Liverpool in new race row

The season goes from bad to worse for Liverpool. Days after the furore over Luis Suarez’s racist language, the club is embroiled in a new row after a fan was accused of directing racist abuse at an Oldham player.

The alleged incident occurred during Liverpool’s 5-1 FA Cup victory over the League One side. Oldham defender Tom Adeyemi reacted angrily to a shout from the crowd, and reported the incident to Merseyside Police after the match.

A witness who gave evidence to police said: "I was to the right of the Kop and the number 11 turned to walk away after a tackle. I heard a single voice shout, 'You f****king black b*****d.' He spun round with shock on his face and started pointing at the crowd, from where the shout had come."

The police released a statement: "Merseyside police can confirm that no one has been arrested this evening on suspicion of racially aggravated behaviour during tonight's FA Cup fixture at Anfield. However, the force and Liverpool Football Club are investigating following an incident that occurred during the second half of the game. The aim of the investigation is to establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident to ascertain if any action needs to be taken."

Adeyemi was furious at the time, and had to be calmed down by team-mates and Liverpool players. He was booked for a wild challenge shortly afterwards.

Liverpool will conduct their own investigation into the incident. The club’s attempt to scale the moral high ground over the Suarez affair now seems even more misguided.

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