Liverpool fury over Gerrard injury

Liverpool FC are not very happy with the FA or Fabio Capello right now: Steven Gerrard limped off near the end of England’s friendly with France last night, and a Twitter rant from one of the club’s training staff revealed their fury.

Liverpool were led to believe that Gerrard would play no more than an hour of a match which England lost 2-1, and when Gerrard hobbled off the pitch with a hamstring injury five minutes from time Darren Burgess, the club’s head of fitness and conditioning, raged on Twitter: ‘Unbelievable from all associated with England and English FA with regard to SGs injury. Completely ignored agreement and past history,’ before adding later: ‘Completely amateurish and now we pay for their incompetence. Absolutely disgraceful.’

Capello has defended his decision however, saying that with injuries to key players he couldn’t afford to substitute Gerrard so early, especially given that England were being so thoroughly outplayed by France.

‘I told Liverpool he would play for an hour if possible,' he said. 'With Gareth Barry and Rio Ferdinand's injuries we needed a senior player on the pitch. I'm upset about Gerrard.

‘They asked that he can play one hour if it's possible. They can't decide how long a player plays with the national team. If it's possible, he'd have played an hour. I understand why they're upset and I'm also upset. The problem is that, when you play this game on Wednesday after a lot of Premier League, Europa League or Champions League games, it's possible there might be an injury for a player.’

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