Liverpool FC tickets: buyer guide

Anfield is one of the best football stadiums in the Premier League. Athough it doesn’t have the capacity of Old Trafford, the Etihad stadium or the Emirates it has the best atmosphere, by a long way. Go to a match at the Emirates you can hear a pin drop and not because it’s tense, but because there's no atmosphere there.

If you want to buy Liverpool FC tickets to see them play at Anfield, visit liverpoolfc.tv. Unfortunately, availability for tickets can be an issue if you rely on this method.

The prices of tickets change from game to game. They have three categories. Category A are their biggest games. Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea, Villa and the Merseyside derby are all Category A matches. These tickets will cost around £48 for the main stand and Centenary stand. The Kop will be £45 a ticket.

Category B games against the likes of Bolton, Newcastle and Fulham cost around £44 for the main stand and Centenary stand and £42 for tickets at the Kop. Category C games include games against Swansea, West Brom and Stoke. Tickets at the main stand and Centenary stand cost £42 and for the Kop £39.

Season tickets for the Kop cost £725 and for the main stand and Centenary stand cost £780. The waiting list for season tickets opened in 1996 and over 70,000 fans have shown their interest. The organisers are starting at the top of that list and contacting the first 20,000 fans to see if they still want to get the season ticket and stay on the list.


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