Liverpool fans look to buy stake in club

Over the last couple of years Liverpool have become something of a basket case club, with the people with their hands on the money making a series of public blunders which have put the club – which despite its 21 year league title drought, is still the most successful club in English football – in a potentially perilous financial situation, one that will certainly see them stagnating for at least for a couple of years.

That could all change however, if the Spirit of Shankly-ShareLiverpoolFC fan group has its way. They have a plan to put the club in the hands of the fans, by setting up The Liverpool Supporters Credit Union. The scheme provides a safe house for people who want to help the fans buy a stake in the club, by giving them a place to save up their money on a month-to-month basis, making the eventual aim of having a serious share in the club a possibility.

‘If you have 100,000 people all contributing £500, you can have £50m,’ said Partners Credit Union's chief executive, Tracy Fletcher. ‘Some credit unions have 15,000 to 20,000 members, this could be much bigger.’

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