Liverpool 'back on the radar'

Alex Ferguson has said that he thinks that Liverpool are back with the big boys after a couple of years floundering around with the also-rans. Apparently the signings of mediocrities like Charlie Adam and Stuart Downing have impressed someone.

Ferguson reckons that the Reds are now 'back on the radar' alongside Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City, after a storming second half to last season that saw Kenny Dalglish take the reins and guide them to a Europa League place.

'Liverpool went off the radar for a bit. They are now back on it,' he said. 'Long-term, you know they are going to be there.

'Let's be honest, you hate losing to any of them. One of those four will always be a thorn in our flesh. They are our immediate challengers. History doesn't change. No matter where it comes from, somewhere along the line we are going to be faced with a big challenge from one of those four great clubs.'

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