Liverpool and Fulham Europa League semi-finals to go ahead

UEFA announced earlier today that the semi-final of Europa League will go ahead on Thursday despite the transport chaos caused by volcanic ash throughout Europe.

The news means that both Liverpool and Fulham will play the first leg of their semi-finals away to Atletico Madrid and Hamburg SV respectively.

With the widespread disruption to flights following the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull it had been feared that both Europa League semis could be cancelled.

‘UEFA is continuing to closely monitor the travel situation throughout Europe and beyond, in an effort to confirm the staging of a number of matches that are due to take place this week in UEFA competitions,’ the UEFA statement said.

‘Regarding the UEFA Europa League semi-final first-leg matches scheduled for Thursday 22 April, between Club Atletico de Madrid and Liverpool FC, and Hamburg SV and Fulham FC, it is planned that both games will go ahead as normal.’

‘However, with the majority of airspace over Europe still closed and other forms of transport limited or fully booked, UEFA are in close contact with both English clubs on the travel options available to them. Further news and information on the exact travel possibilities for these away teams is expected over the next 24 hours.’

Elsewhere in the Champions League the semi-finals between Inter Milan and Barcelona and Bayern Munich and Lyon are set to go ahead with the teams travelling overland by bus.

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