Liverpool and Chelsea takeover bids

Liverpool AND Chelsea are both in potential takeover bids this morning [insert bus analogy here].

Tom Hicks, the American co-owner of Liverpool is said to be in talks with Kuwait billionaire (worth £9bn), Nasser Al-Kharafi over a possible Anfield takeover. Hicks snapped up the club for a bargain £218m (approx two Kaka’s) in 2007 and is willing to sell for £450m (approx. four Kaka’s).

Meanwhile Chelsea’s Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is rumoured to be bored of football and has increased speculation that an Arab consortium led by Manchester City’s owners (worth approx. 1bn Kaka’s) are about to make a bid for the club.

Abramovich has invested a staggering £600m (approx. 6 Kakas) since he bought Chelsea in 2003.

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