Head online for live Rugby League coverage

Rugby Union has been claiming an unfair share of the attention lately with the World Cup in New Zealand. Fans of the other code of the oval ball game though can take consolation in checking out live Rugby League action streaming online.

Live NRL (nrl.com) offers European viewers the only live streaming coverage of Australian Rugby League's elite competition. A subscription covers you for around 200 live games each season, including State of Origin matches and the Final series. This is the feed you will see in all those Australian expatriate bars, beaming matches live at unlikely times in the early morning.

A subscription package provides online access to up to 8 matches live per round along with full replays of every match, highlights packages and the post-match interviews. Subscribe online for £8.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

Watch Super League action live on the Sky Go channel online (go.sky.com). If you have a TV subscription to Sky Sports you should be able to view matches online, or you can register for a specific online sports package. Check the FAQs on the Sky website as some events shown on Sky Sports are not transmitted online due to broadcasting restrictions.

If you prefer to watch matches for free, some highlights packages from the Super League are available from the BBC (bbc.co.uk). The BBC will also have live Rugby League coverage of the early rounds of the Challenge Cup and the final from Wembley streaming on the website.


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