Where to watch live boxing online for free

Sports fans the world over are turning to their computers for ways to watch sports online free of charge. If you're one of the freebie hunters out there looking for live boxing to watch free of charge, you're in for a treat. One site makes it possible to watch any boxing game as it happens, online.

Vipbox.tv caters for a massive variety of sports and even supports multiple languages, so you're taken care of here whether English is your native language or not. Some of the sports covered here includes football, American football, ice hockey, basketball, boxing, motor sports, rugby, and even tennis. The languages offered on the site include English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Turkish to name a few.

Clicking on the boxing section opens up all the matches you're able to view, and the wonderful thing is you're even able to contact the site admin and request a specific match! Let's see what's listed here? Firstly you can use this URL to head there directly: http://www.vipbox.tv/sports/boxing-wwe-ufc.html.

Some of the live boxing matches listed on the site include matches for the 9th of September. You're able to watch Obodai Sai versus Jamie Cox at 22:00, Shobox New Generation at 4:00, Paul McCloskey Versus Breidis Prescott at 20:00 and much more. Listings also include matches on the 10th, 11th, 15th, 24th and 25th of September, so there's a whole month's worth of viewing laid out ahead of time.

You'll never miss a boxing match again if you use this site, and the best thing is it won't cost you a penny! Head on over and see for yourself?

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