Lippi 'furious like a beast'

Marcello Lippi is ‘furious like a beast’ after a section of the crowd in Parma barracked his Italy players after going 2-0 down to Cyprus in their last qualifying game for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa.

Italy eventually came back to win 3-2 in the last minute after Alberto Gillardino’s hat-trick in the last 15 minutes of the game spun the game on its head, but Lippi was angered by the fans’ chants of ‘get to work’ and let them have it afterwards.

I am furious like a beast,’ he said. ‘In case anybody had forgotten, on the field out there were the world champions. That means that we have won a tournament against all of the top nations in the world.

‘These lads are the world champions, they have just qualified to try and become world champions again, but do you think it is right to hear fans telling us to get to work at the first sign of difficulty? It's easy in the end for them to all cheer, though. I think it is shameful.

‘I promised that I would make changes and I changed all 11 players. Whenever does a coach change 11 players? Of course it was not going to be easy for them, also because they put four past Bulgaria at the weekend, but the result was not important to me. If I had been interested in the result I would not have changed all 11 players. But those people, who were obviously a minority, start shouting for us to get to work should probably go start working themselves.’

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