Like the Murphys...

Every football fan in Ireland can remember the pain and anguish of watching Thierry Henry get away with a blatant handball with barely minutes to go of their World Cup qualifier with France, before laying winning goal on a plate, and just about every England fan can remember after the initial outrage of watching a cheating Frenchy get away with it, thinking about how long and hard the Celtic nations laughed at Maradona’s Hand of God in 1986 and having a jolly good chuckle at Eire’s comedic misfortune.

Well now the Irish are getting their own back, in a sort of half-arsed kind of way. Pizza Hut in the Emerald Isle are offering a free pizza for every goal that the French concede, as you can see from this amusing Facebook page here.

Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to Irish people living in Blighty, so you’ll have to make do with a packet of fish and ships, or something. Be warned, actual Irish people living in actual Ireland, there are only 350 pizzas up for grabs, so you need to be speedy on the ordering in. But given that Raymond Domenech is still coaching them, you can expect to see a few goals go flying past them. Fingers crossed, eh?

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