Like a deer in the headlights

British super-middleweight Carl Froch has labelled Audley Harrison a ‘coward’ after his pathetic showing against David Haye at the weekend.

Froch, who is a good friend of Hayes’ and who is fighting for the vacant WBC title a week on Saturday, said that Harrison was a con man who froze when faced with a challenge, unlike Ricky Hatton, who was beaten black and blue by Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, but emerged with credit.

‘He got hurt trying, and he was out of his depth but he didn't freeze like a deer in the headlights,’ Froch said. ‘He wasn't a coward. He didn't come out of those fights with people saying ‘What a s*** bag’, like they are doing with Audley... He gives it all the talk but, when he's in the ring, you can see he's scared to death.

‘He could sell sand to the Arabs, that geezer. He's been doing it ever since he won the Olympic gold medal 10 years ago. But people shouldn't be annoyed or asking for their money back.

‘I paid my money to watch it, but I knew it was going to be a whitewash. I had no expectations. The non-boxing, armchair fan who tuned in and bought it will be put off by the sport, but they need to realise that Audley Harrison has been manipulating the press and TV for years. He got people to believe something that doesn't exist, and he ruins it for everyone else.’

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