Lights out for 'Arry

Commentating legend and the BBC’s voice of boxing Happy Carpenter has died aged 84. He passed away on Saturday at King’s College Hospital in London, leaving behind a widow and one son.

‘He had been unwell since last summer when he had a minor heart attack,’ said David Wills, his lawyer. ‘The funeral has not been arranged but will be a family funeral, to be followed by a memorial service in London.’

Carpenter worked for the BBC for 45 years, starting in 1949 and retiring in 1994, during which time he had covered The Rumble In The Jungle, helped launch Frank Bruno’s career (becoming lifelong friends in the process) and covered a wide range of sports – including golf and rowing – as well as presenting the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show. Bruno for his part was said to be ‘very upset and shocked’ by the death of his old friend.

‘Frank was not aware of it,’ said a spokesman for the former world heavyweight champion. ‘He is very upset and at the moment he does not want to give a statement, but has asked me to put some words out to say it was a real shock to him.’

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