Lewis Hamilton hails 'perfect' race

Lewis Hamilton has hailed the 'perfect race' after he won German grand Prix yesterday, the 16th win of his career and probably the most satisfying.

Hamilton, who has been struggling to keep up with Sebastian Vettel and his super quick Red Bull car, but is now inching ever so slightly closer to an improbable title win. He is 82 points behind the German, with nine races to go, and a few more performances like yesterday's and we'll soon be talking about the possible when previously the only prediction was by how much Vettel would win by, rather than if.

'We really never expected to come here this weekend and be anything like so fast,' said the McLaren driver. 'We were hindered in the last race a little bit but the guys did a fantastic job, really pushing very hard.

'The engine was great and I just feel great. It was one of the best races I've ever done. The race was about real perfection and about not making mistakes. All the emotion, effort and energy the team put into the car, when we don't see results like this, it [the pressure] slowly builds up, so when you finally hit the sweet spot, it just couldn't feel any better.

'Bit by bit, I've learned more about how the car is behaving, with driving style I've learned to look after the tyres a little bit more. There were just certain areas I was losing out.

'I was really surprised my tyres lasted so long later on in the race - so I guess there are still areas we need to improve, particularly on heavy fuel at the start of the race, but it is a massive step forward.'

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