Lewis Hamilton gives up the ghost

Lewis Hamilton hasn't had the sunniest of dispositions this season: his finishing positions have belied his enormous talent, and he has struggles with McLaren's inferior car as Red Bull surge off into the distance. Now he's more or less given up any hope of winning the world title this year.

Hamilton is currently in forth place in the Formula One World Championship standings, a whopping 89 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel, and with new regulations coming in that will ban the use of off-throttle blowing of diffusers, he is convinced that he has no chance in this year's championship, and won't be challenging for the title come the British Grand Prix next month.

'I'm not looking forward to the race because when you go to Silverstone, the desire to win is even greater because it's my home country,' said Hamilton. 'But we're just not quick enough to win there. I think we'll really struggle.

'Of course, I'm really looking forward to seeing the fans because they always put a spark in the weekend and make it that much brighter. And I'll be going there as prepared as I can, racing as fast as I can, but we're not fast enough.

'It feels like we've taken a step back in terms of performance or the others have taken a step forward and with the regulations changing I personally think we're going to take another step backwards.

'We'll have to see how the ban affects us but I'm a little bit nervous about it. I think we might be affected more than the two teams ahead of us (Red Bull and Ferrari). It will be even worse for us. I don't really have any expectations. I hope that we can finish ahead of one of the Ferraris there. That would be a positive.'

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