Let’s get ready to rumble…

There’s only one place to be at 2am on Sunday morning this weekend coming. Bed. With the radio tuned to the Ricky Hatton fight, of course.

Let’s face it, you’ve got to support Ricky. He’s got one hell of a fight on his hands. Of course, you could pay £14.95 and watch it on the tube. However, if you’ve never listened to a big fight on the radio before, we suggest saving your cash – and your eyeballs – and tuning into the wireless. It’s so much more stimulating than actually seeing two men beat each other up.

Can Ricky pull it off and take a huge step forward to becoming the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport’s history? Mmm… the heart says: “Go on Ricky, son, you can do it.” The head says: “Mayweather on points, after the fight of the century.”

What do you think?

(Image: from eckes flickr stream)

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