Let’s get ready to rumble…

After suffering his first defeat in 44 professional fights in December, Ricky Hatton announced recently that he is likely to return to the ring this May. The exact date is not confirmed – but it’ll either be in Manchester or Wembley, that much we do know.

Ricky will fight at the 140-pound light-welterweight limit – the division in which he is still deservedly regarded as world number one. His opponent? Someone with a lot of cojones we would suggest ; we fear Ricky has a point to prove and the next poor lemming put in his way is going to get a cruel beating.

We all wish Ricky well in his next endeavour. Did you know US Immigration revealed there were over 34,000 UK tourists in Nevada for his last fight? Chances of getting a ticket for this one? About the same as the fight going the distance: none.

(Image: from YouTube)

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