Let us handle it, old men

Dave Whelan, the chairman of Wigan, has decided that it would be a great idea if the Premier League ran the England team, casting off the FA to run amateur football, while the Premier League and the Football League get on with the business of looking out for their own interests (read: money) and screw anyone else. It’s another shot across the FA’s bow from the leagues, who have been at war with the FA for the best part of three decades, and who want all the power (and money) right now right this second.

‘Let the FA concentrate on running amateur football - the Football League and the Premier League must run the professional game,’ said Whelan, terrifying anyone who cares about the future of football. ‘The sooner the Premier League run the England team the better.’

‘It's an impossible task (to run the FA) and I am not surprised that it's very difficult to find anybody who can run the FA properly. You are dealing with the biggest professional side of football, which is the England football team and you are dealing with people playing amateur football all over England. It's very difficult to combine those together.

‘The game has moved from being a purely amateur game and now it's professional. It's the biggest game in the world, we have the best and the biggest league in the world and you cannot expect the FA to get involved with something like the Premier League.’

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