Swimming Lessons for Adults in Birmingham, United Kingdom

People not only swim as a recreational activity, people swim competitively and for fitness reasons. Anyone can learn to swim. Humans have a natural buoyancy in the water. Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise. There is less risk of muscle strain due to the water supporting the body leading to less strain on the bones and joints. Many children learn to swim when they are young by going to the beach, or playing in a friends pool. Adults who have not learned to swim can take lessons for adults Birmingham. These swimming lessons are affordable and can be done on your own time.

Swim With Us: Birmingham

Swim With Us is a business in Birmingham, United Kingdom that services not only Birmingham, but also, Sutton Coldfield, Halesowen, Edgbaston and Solihill. The service offers private swimming lessons, lessons for babies and lessons for adults. This service teaches courses such as treading water, jumping in the water and floating. The program offers three courses weekly. Each member will get a swim course tutor for a 9 hour period. The price of the lessons are £395.

Orion Swim Club

The Orion Swim Club offers lessons from beginners up to the competitive level. Lessons are held at Kings Edward's Boys School and the Kings Edward's Girls School. Both have an indoor swimming pool that is used for the lessons. One benefit to new members is that the Orion Swim Club offers a free trial membership. If you are interested in membership, the cost £12. Customers will have to fill out a form that you can download from their site. The Orion Swim Club has 5 programs. They include Learner Sessions, Junior Group 1, Junior Group 2, County Squad and Aquarius.


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