Leonardo wants David Beckham

Paris Saint-German boss Leonardo has said that he would like to sign creaky ex-England international David Beckham, saying that he considers him a great example for other players to follow.

Beckham is currently plying his trade at MLS side LA Galaxy, and Leonardo, who coached the Englishman when he was at AC Milan, says that he wants to bring him to Paris when his contract runs out at the end of the season.

'I coached him at AC Milan and we created a good relationship,' said the Brazilian. 'He is more than a football player, but when you see him every day he trains and plays like a kid.

'He is someone that I really appreciate and admire so much - his values and everything he has done in football.The door is open. He is more than a football player - he's a brand, a pop star. I would always consider him.

'He respects the rules, listens to you and wants the best for the team. That's why for me he is a big example. I worked with him and that's why I talk about his name.'

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