Lehmann attacks Wenger and Almunia

German mouthpiece and occasional goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has been hammering more verbal nails into the coffin that is his Arsenal career. Speaking to German magazine Kicker Lehmann delivered a scathing attack on the Gunners exit from the Champions League at the hands of Liverpool and Arsene Wenger's decision to leave him warming the bench.

Speaking about the Champions League defeat on Tuesday Lehmann said:

"For me personally, it is a tragedy, particularly since I did not have a chance to prevent it. I wanted to win the Champions League and thought I had a good chance of playing. The fact that I won't now get that chance makes me furious. I have had such thoughts ever since the coach took me out of the team following the 0-0 against Milan."

Lehmann also pulled no punches in his assessment of the ability of Manuel Almunia, the player who has taken in his place between the sticks.

"When I am not playing even though the other keeper is not exactly playing well, then it's difficult, I still haven't been given my place back and I'm being kept out by someone who is playing his first season at a big club. To be sitting on the bench behind somebody who only started to play when he was 30 is not funny. I am very angry."

Meow! Although this is the same Lehmann who last November was equally dismissive of Almunia's credentials.

"I’m convinced that I’ll be playing again. Almunia has not yet showed that he can win matches for us. I’ve experienced this situation before and know what the others are expecting from the goalkeeper. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to handle that."

Oh to be a fly on the wall during the Gunners goalkeeping sessions. They must be a barrel of laughs.

A Lehmann wobbler

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