Lehmann attacks 'biased' ref Rossetti

Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has launched a stinging attack on the performance of referee Roberto Rosetti in last night's final at Euro 2008. The former Arsenal player described the Italian official as being 'biased' towards Spain.

While Lehmann conceded that Spain were worthy winners of Euro 2008, he had only harsh words to describe the decisions made by Rossetti: 'What was disappointing in my opinion was the performance of the referee, who didn't really fancy us Germans - and this is the third time I was unlucky with referees in European cup finals.'

The German No 1 highlighted two specific incidents during the game to support his claims. Then first was when David Silva went unpunished after seemingly head-butting Germany's Lukas Podolski, and then in the dying seconds of the game Rossetti halted a promising German attack in the box for what Lehmann claims was a non-existant foul.

Speaking about Rossetti to reporters from ITV after the game Lehmann said: 'He was very arrogant and in my opinion he was biased. He clearly saw a head-butt from a Spanish player towards Lukas Podolski - he didn't book him or give him a red card. Just before the end, we had a good chance in the penalty area - and all of a sudden, he gave a foul against us where even the Spanish players were surprised to get a free-kick. It was very disappointing.'

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