Ledley King withdrawn from England squad

Ledley King has been withdrawn from the England squad for Saturday's friendly against Slovakia as well as next week's World Cup qualifier with Ukraine. The news is hardly surprising given the fact that the Spurs defender is unable to train due to a persistent knee problem.

Harry Redknapp described Fabio Capello's decision to call up King as "ridiculous" and as expected the 28-year-old was unable to take any part in training today spending the morning in the pool while his team-mates worked on their fitness.

An official statement from the FA explained the decision: "It has been agreed by both parties that the best interests of King are served by continuing his individual training programme at the club and he will play no further part in England's preparations or participate in the friendly against Slovakia or the World Cup qualifier against Ukraine."

The decision to withdraw King from the current squad due to injury looks effectively to be the end his international career.

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