Ledley King out of the World Cup

England’s World Cup troubles just keep on mounting up: not only are the doom merchants predicting a typically dismal exit for England at the quarter finals (presumably on penalties to a team that can pass the ball properly, and who has a centre-forward who can score one-on-one chances when presented one on a plate), but now Ledley King has been ruled out of the rest of the tournament.

King, who almost as famous for his dodgy knees – which seem to be holding themselves together with gaffa tape and a job lot of Pritt Stick – as he is for his defensive prowess, was a shock choice for the tournament, given that he has been a complete crock for almost the entirety of his career, and his injury now leaves England with only three centre backs to partner John Terry.

One of them – Jamie Carragher, was shown up for the past it carthorse he is by the United States on Saturday, and another – Michael Dawson – has never played senior international football before. Be prepared for another embarrassing exit, England fans.

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