League says no to City-Palace replay

The Football League has confirmed that the controversial game between Bristol City and Crystal Palace will not be replayed despite the London side having a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out by referee Rob Shoebridge.

Palace had asked for a rematch after losing the game 1-0. Freddie Sears' phantom goal hit the stanchion at the back of the net and bounced back out of the goal. The strike was missed by the referee and the linesmen leading to disbelief on the Palace bench.

The League, however, has made it clear that the game will not be replayed: "Following a request from Crystal Palace, the Football League has re-iterated that Saturday's match at Ashton Gate will not be replayed," a statement said.

"The Football League cannot sanction the replaying of this fixture. In any match the referee's decision must be final, even in a case such as this where there has been an error of judgment. To do other otherwise would be contrary to the laws of the game.

"With regard to the use of goal-line technology, the league has been saying for some considerable time that we would be happy to trial a prototype system in its competitions. However, until the law-making bodies of the world game sanction the use of any such system this cannot happen."

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