Lawrie’s to-do list

Poor old Lawrie Sanchez. Talk about Bah-humbug from the Fulham board. They could have waited until Christmas was over. Getting the bullet over the festive period is too Scrooge for School.

Anyway, with time on his hands, here’s how we think Lawrie might fill the next couple of days:
• put sheepskin coats on eBay
• tart up CV for the Iran national coach’s job
• tart up CV for the North Korea national coach’s job
• call Sky pundit hotline and tell them I’m available
• call The Sun and offer them the Xmas party pics of Mo
• call Dennis Wise and offer my services
• get totally and utterly trousered

Sounds good to us, Lozza. Have a nice New Year.

(Image: from karindalziel's flickr stream)

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